Ramadhan Reflections Day 9 (2013)

– A Christian friend of mine tried to experience fasting. He do the

proper preparations. Woke up at 2:00 in the morning and prepared his

food. By dawn, he started his observance of the Holy Month. At 10:00

am, he told me, he was feeling dizzy and his thirst for water was

driving him nuts. At 11:00 in the morning, he break his fast. That is

exactly what we feel every time we fast. He are very hungry and very

thirsty. And your mind tells you that time runs so slow.

– But when your body adjusts and you get used to it, you will then

realize that its not the longing for food nor the water that makes

your fasting really hard. It is actually the lack of sleep. During the

month of Ramadhan, you barely have less than three hours of straight

sleep every day. Especially if you work during day time, you have to

deprive yourself of proper sleeping time. You may ask, how do we do



– My answer is simple. Because of our faith of Allah (SWT) that we can

do it. The body and soul is detach from each other and the soul can

control the body. Thus, I realized that Islam is not merely an

ideology nor a theory nor an idea. It is about faith and praxis of how

to live a life with moderation and control of our desires and

struggles. Like when you fast the whole day, when Iftar comes, when

you drink a glass of water all your hardships disappear. Imagine, if

most Muslims really understand and practice Islam, then we may solve

half of the world’s problems today.


– “Fa innama’al usri yusraa.” Verily after every difficulty, there is relief.

– “La tahzan innALLAHA ma’ana.” Do not despair, Allah is with us.


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