Ramadhan Reflections Day 28

– “We will rise up to face our destiny of becoming a greater Ummah. Allah (SWT) is without and we will make our place a peaceful, progressive, and pluralistic society. We will do this all together, Muslims, Christians, Mystics, and Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao.” As I slept last night, these thoughts linger into my head over and over again. We are no longer scared because we do not have time to be scared anymore. We are angry, a bit, but we must not react. We must proactively work together and reflect on all these things that are happening in our place. We have torrent flooding, arm conflict that displaced thousands of families, and now we grieve to those who died and were affected by the recent bombing in Cotabato City.


– We must remember that “Rome is not build in a day.” The same thing with the “Bangsamoro” vision. It is not that easy to go back to our natural state as peaceful and loving human beings. This will take time. This will test our patience and perseverance.



– The concept of justice in Islam can best be described as follows:


-“If you want Allah to improve your condition, improve yourself first. If you turn away from Allah’s path, beware of facing Allah’s punishment.


Quran 13:11- “Verily, Allaah will not change the condition of a people as long as they do not change their state themselves”


Quran 8:53- “That is so because Allaah will never change a grace which He has bestowed on a people until they change what is in their ownselves”


Allah, the Most Just, does not change the condition of the people from good to bad or from bad to good, from ease to hardship or from hardship to ease, unless they change their condition themselves.


If they are in a state of righteousness, and then they change to bad, Allaah will change their good condition to punishment, calamities, hardship etc.


If they are in a state of evil and sin, and then they repent to Allaah and turn back to His obedience, Allaah will change their state of wretchedness and hardship to righteousness and comfort because of their good deeds and their repentance to Allaah. Or He may delay their punishment so that they may return to the right path, but if they do not then they will be seized unexpectedly, as in verse 6:44.


And, this is the perfect justice of Allah.”


– We need to put these verses from the Holy Quran into hearts and minds. Someday soon, we will gain back our freedom from want and fear.


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