Ramadhan Reflections Day 22

– I receives txt yesterday about the possible attacks of the different armed groups in ARMM. According to the txt, they will attack major cities and will target civilian areas. I said to myself, “this is crazy!”


– Unfortunately, these armed groups are claiming thay they are fighting for the cause of Islam and the Muslims in Mindanao for our expression of right to self determination, establishment of independence, so on and so forth.


Isnt that the words of the MNLF during the time of Martial Law when we had a dictator and a state that was truly oppresive to us? But that was two to three decades ago. What really is our problem?


We “elected” our leaders just recently, right? We saw how our people wants peace and how they long to bring their kids to school and have a better future.


It seems to me the so called ” freedom fighters” have become our oppressors.


After the 1996 Peace Accord with the MNLF, and now the FAB with the MILF, how many acronyms or letters in the alphabet do we need to call ourselves just to bring peace? Or maybe after using all the letters, we may start using numbers then just to fight and kill one another.


Do our government really know what they are doing in this peace process?


Do we know that Islam is actually taken as hostage by these armed groups? Why are we not condemning their acts? It is about time we make a stand. Enough is enough! Stop this madness. Stop this conflict.


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