Ramadhan Reflections Day 2 (2013)

– is our world unjust? Is the social structures in our society are unjust by its very nature?

– there are Five Pillars of Islamic Faith, two of which teaches us to be just to our fellow men, our community and environment.

– i am referring to Fasting / Sawm and Zakat or the giving of alms to the less fortunate members of our society.

– fasting now adays is quite easy for the rich people. They have airconditioned rooms, airconditioned cars, they can watch movies, surf the internet. And during night time, they can eat all the halal food their stomach ever desired. But what about the poor Muslims living in evacuation centers? The IDPs in Cotabato and Maguindanao who fled their homes because of the conflict between the AFP and the BIFF? What is their experience during this month of Ramadhan?


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