Ramadhan Reflections Day 19

– the second half is almost done. One more day, then we enter the difficult part.


– i lost some few pounds. I really lack long hours of sleep. Felt the fatigue of my body when i had flu since last thursday night which made me missed two important activities in the office last friday.


– For this day of fasting, i plan to have a day of silence. Away from noise of our society and try to hear what my body is telling me. My mind wants me to do a lot of things, but i am not sure my body can catch up.


– its nice sometimes to hear our own heartbeat, to hear the ticking of the clock, the wind as it moves the leaves on a tree, and if it rains today, its nice to hear the rain drops…


– its almost 4am, I can say now that aside from prayer, moments of silence and long hours of meditation are food for our soul…


– happy sunday everyone!


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