Ramadhan Reflections Day 18

– It is barely less than two weeks from now, the Holy Month will pass.

Most of us will be back on their usual way of life, giving time for

their own earthly needs and desires. I do hope that we can keep

our physical and spiritual connection with Allah (SWT) even the

Holy Month is over.


– For this day, I tried reflecting in the way some of us view

Jihad or the Holy War. Some of us say that with all the evils

of the world, sufferings of our Muslim brethen in the different

parts of the world, Jihad has become the 6th Pillar of our Faith.


– I do not agree with this view. Never can we see a verse in the

Holy Book that violence was done in an offensive manner. Thus, we

can see that there are verses revealed to the Prophet (SAW)

during his time in Mecca and his time in Madina. Both places

have different and distinct context we need to define and



– In looking at the lives of the different prophets in Judaism,

Christianity, and Islam, I noticed that the life of Prophet Job

(AS) is an interesting lesson we can teach our children and



– The story of Prophet Job is different. Through his story, we are

able to view humankind’s struggle on a more personal level.

God does not tell us about Job’s methods of preaching or how

his people reacted to his warnings and admonitions.

God does not tell us about the fate of Job’s people.

Instead, He tells us about Job’s patience.

He (the Almighty) praises Job by saying,

“Truly! We found him patient. How excellent a slave!

Verily, he was ever oft returning in

repentance to Us!” (Quran 38:44)


– God tells us that Job’s story is a reminder for all

those who worship God.

(Quran 21:84) When one truly worships God with

full submission, it is necessary to have patience.

It is easy to worship for a few days or even weeks,

but we must be consistent. Prayer at night requires

patience, fasting requires patience, living with

tribulations and trials requires patience.

The life of this world is a test and in order to pass,

and be rewarded with Paradise,

we need to acquire the patience of Job.


– Thus, we need to learn from the story of the life of Job (AS).

We do not need to put matters in our hands. We need to have

faith and patience. We need to understand that our journey in

this world is not about who is boasting our faith and worship

to Allah (SWT), It is about how we trust Him and do our own personal

ways of being close with Him.


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