Ramadhan Reflections Day 13 (2013)

– yesterday I read the news about the on-going rido in Lanao del Sur. The rido caused the death of 10 people. It reminded of the different unfortunate events that happen during the month of Ramadhan. Where people had no respect of what so ever of this Holy Month and take matters in to their own hands. – The Prophet (SAW), mentioned, “when Ramadhan arrives the gates of Paradise are open, the gates of Hell are closed, and Satan is locked up.” However, I ask myself, why some Muslims continue to commit sin? How could it be when Satan is locked up in Hell? – then I realized that we are responsible of our own actions. Our hearts faces a day to day battle against our ego, Satan, our nafs (whimsical desires), and the dungya (world). The most dangerous of these four is our ego. The soul in its unrefined, unconstrained, immature state is the ego. Thus, bad things happen even during the Holy Month because some Muslims value their ego and pride.


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