Ramadhan Reflections Day 11 (Day 12) (2013)

– I was asked, what is my take with the recent developments on the peace process. Over all, I still support it, but I have so many questions and doubts as to its actual implementation on the ground. I may sound pessimistic, but I would rather play as the “devil’s advocate” to find more ways of improving it.

– Whether we like it or not, agree or disagree with the way the peace process is moving, we have to take the bitter pill of understanding that the political discourse that gave life to the notion of Banga-Moro will eventually marginalized even further the voices and views of Muslim Filipinos that transcended from religious and ethnic divides.

– Most of us has the idea and dream that this time, the peace process will work. This will end the sufferings of our people, eradicate poverty, graft and corruption, political dynasties, private armies, so on and so forth. do we really believe that this will even happen in five years or even ten years once the Final Peace Agreement is signed?

– During the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), when they finally won the war and got hold of Mecca, he said, “the real jihad has just begun”. The jihad that he was talking about is the hardest form of jihad. It is the jihad against one’s own self and desires. I hope and pray that we all do this kind of jihad and stop killing one another…


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