Polarized Muslim Groups in the Philippines

Just a brief reflection about the Eidl Fitr dinner last night at Malacanang.

Since time in memorial, the Muslim Mindanao problem has cause the destruction of lives and resources from our government and our people. Unfortunately, some of our Muslim leaders were able to enrich themselves at the expense of our people. And it seems that for every compliant datu, there is another defiant one. Thus, the cycle goes on and on…

While listening to PNoy’s message last night, his sincerity has always been there. Unfortunately, like many of us, we try to understand and unfold the “mysteries” of the problems. And now, many so called Muslim leaders are also becoming part of the problem. The polarization of the Muslim communities in the ground (MNLF, MILF, BIFF, ASG, etc) is also present within the administrative bodies of our government. Each group trying to outsmart the other. I am really saddened by these realities.

As our people in Maguindanao are getting weary of the peace process, afraid of the bombings and attacks, some are affected by the recent flooding, the politics in our government structures derail the peace process.

I do hope and pray that PNoy will remain patient and understanding of these complexities. May he will always be guided by God / Allah (swt) of his choices and policy directions. Pnoy has already started the reforms. May he continue them until the final days of his term.


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